Enigma Solutions
Demystifying Software Design

Company Background

Enigma Solutions was founded in 1998 and remains a privately owned software company. The owner, Matt Peters, started the company as a means to fullfil contracts with the Government of Canada, but continued to evolve the company by expanding the products and services offered to its' clients.

Matt Peters started his software career developing the first products produced by Enigma Solutions while attending Ryerson University where he earned a bachaelor's degree in computer science. His field of study specialized in artificial intelligence and user-interface design. Graduation brought on a new field of study in Telecommunications, learning the intricacies of mission-critical design by developing robust, secure, and "always-on" systems. These stringent design practices are now applied to every product and service offered by Enigma Solutions today.

Enigma Solutions looks forward to continued success as it seeks new business opportunities to design unique products for its' current and future clients.